Aerial Hoop Classes at Tuyo Circus Arts

Bend, split and hold graceful positions in your perfect circle or swing, spin, drop and twist to create thrilling dynamic movements. The choice is yours and you will be able to experience it all in our aerial hoop classes. We have both single and double point hoops and each has a different set of possibilities to create beautiful movement. 
Along with static trapeze the hoop is a great introduction to aerial skills so don't worry if your feet have never previously left the floor! 

Private Bookings

Aerial Hoop classes are available for private bookings. Please contact us for more information.

Aerial Hoop Photo Gallery

What to Wear

Please wear dance / exercise clothing that is tight fitting but in which you can move freely.

For aerial work the legs should be covered to avoid burns and grazes and for certain moves a long sleeved top would be useful for the same reason. Shorts are fine for acrobatic work.

If you don't have this sort of clothing then tracksuit trousers and a t-shirt which is long enough to stay tucked in. You may want to bring extra tracksuit type clothing for warm ups

Bare feet, socks, gymnastic type shoes are best for training. We normally run around at the beginning of the warm up and it's fine if you would prefer to do this in trainers.

Please tie long hair back and remove or cover piercings (small ear studs should be fine)

What to Bring

Please bring a drink - but as we are trying to reduce plastic waste, please don't bring single-use plastic bottles.
We have changing rooms with basic facilities (it’s a primary school)
We have good parking availability.

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